Hard Rock Cafe Kyoto, Japan – Latest Pins & Merchandises 2019

The first-ever Hard Rock in Kyoto eschews the chain’s signature towering, guitar-shaped neon sign, and instead follows local customs by understatedly printing its name on a noren, the cloth curtain hung at the entrance to old-school Japanese shops and restaurants. Overall, the Kyoto Hard Rock does such a good job of preserving the visual harmony of the neighborhood that unless you looked at the noren, you wouldn’t even realize who the machiya’s unexpected tenant is.

Check out the latest pins and merchandises here:

1) Grand Opening Pin

2) Icon Pin

3) Core Greetings Pin

4) License Plate Pin

5) Destination Pin

6) Headstock Guitar Tab Pin

7) Core Guitar Pin

8) City Pin

9) Kyoto Maiko Pin

10) Polygon Art Guitar Pin

11) Kyoto Summer Festival Pin

12) Hello Kitty Icon Pin

13) Classic Logo Shot Glass

14) City Shot Glass

15) City T-shirt

16) Zippo Lighter

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