Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast – Latest Pins & Merchandises 2021

Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast which is adjacent to Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, offers a wide range of pins and merchandises. Whether you are looking for a short trip with friends, short holidays with family, anniversary celebration with your loved ones, or merely a weekend getaway to escape from the hustle and bustle of city, Hard Rock Hotel Desaru is a place that fits in well.

Rock Shop, featuring music-inspired collections such as fridge magnet, collectable pins, shirts, jackets, water bottle and more. Bought a cute fridge magnet here. Some are limited edition collectibles available only at Hard Rock Desaru Coast.

Here are the latest pins and merchandises:

1) 50th Anniversary Pin

2) 2nd Anniversary Pin

3) 3D Dragon Flag Pin

4) Flag Over City Guitar Pin

5) Sculptured Guitar Core Pin

6) 3D Monument Pin

7) 3D Dragon Shield Pin

8) Message In A Bottle Pin

9) Guitar Headstock Pin

10) 3D Collage Pin

11) Icon Pin

12) Icon Roxi Star Pin

13) License Plate Pin

14) License Plate Roxi Star Pin

15) Core Guitar Pin Blue

16) 3D Core Guitar Pin White

17) 3D Core Guitar Pin Yellow

18) Classic Logo Magnet

19) 3D Dragon Magnet

20) Flag Magnet

21) 3D Desaru Magnet

22) 3D Skyline Guitar Magnet

23) Classic Logo Shot Glass

24) Flag Shot Glass

25) City Shot Glass

26) 50th Anniversary Shot Glass Set

27) Zippo Lighter