Hard Rock Cafe Ipoh, Malaysia 2023 – Latest Pins and Merchandises

Hard Rock Cafe Ipoh just opened and located in Palo 101. Check out some of the latest pins and merchandises:

1) Icon Pin

2) Greetings Pin

3) Classic Logo Pin

4) Marble Cross Guitar Pin

5) 3D Dragon Flag Pin

6) 3D Collage Pick Pin

7) 3D Sculpted Guitar Pin

8) Ipoh White Coffee Pin

10) Wood Grain Retro Guitar Pin

11) Classic Logo Magnet

12) City T-shirt

13) Classic Logo T-shirt

14) Skull T-shirt

15) Techno T-shirt

16) Vintage Guitar T-shirt

17) Guitar T-shirt

18) Classic Logo Shot Glass

19) Hurricane Glass

20) Zippo Lighter

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