Hard Rock Cafe Uyeno-Eki Tokyo 2023 – Latest Pins & Merchandises

Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo Uyeno Eki

Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo Uyeno Eki is located within the historic Ueno Train Station, where people from the north arrived with big dreams of starting new lives in Tokyo. Explore the spacious interior filled with musical memorabilia from the greatest musical legends of all time and pick up a collectible piece of Hard Rock history in The Rock Shop. Here are some of the latest pins and merchandises:

1) Spring Twin Panda Pin

2) 3D Logo Pin Uyeno Eki

3) Save The Planet Heart Pin Uyeno

4) Marble Cross Guitar Pin Uyeno

5) 21st Anniversary Pin

6) Country Language Logo Pin Uyeno

7) Woodgrain Guitar Pin Uyeno

8) 3D Core Guitar Pin Uyeno

9) 3D Collage Pick Pin Uyeno

10) Magnet Bottle Opener

11) City T-shirt

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